Mobile apps

Dunedin Multimedia is an authorised iOS developer.
We've produced a number of apps for iPad, iPhone and iPod touch to help people with autism to identify emotions, and to make the connections between those feelings, the words that name them, and the faces that express them.

Emo Control offers a safe environment to study emotion expressions at your own pace. They happen so suddenly and can be over so quickly in real time.

Face Controller:  A dozen large finger-driven animation sequences of common facial expressions and movements that usually last for a second or two in real life. You control the speed and direction. Toggle between male and female at a tap. FingerDrive gives a smoother and more precise control over moving faces than is possible with standard video. 

Mood Reader:  Eleven scenes of one or two people. Read their faces and guess their feelings. Use their thought bubbles to type what you think they are thinking. A mood scanner provides some help. Use the comment box to record your impressions.   A creative writing / role playing activity perhaps, as if completing pages for comic books.

Emotion Keyboard:  A selection of 29 emotion expressions. You know the feeling when you feel something, but you cannot quite put your finger on it? Now you can, quickly. Good for building vocabulary, and for starting discussions of the feelings the arise in everyday life and how we deal with them. Can be used like face-cards for restorative practise and witness interviews, or just to give people a live update on how you are feeling.

Lip Reader:  Fun with phonemes. Lipreading is one of the most prized of all communication skills. A set of sixteen animated phonemes shows why it is so difficult.

Face Match:  Three expressions on four faces. A simple illustration of how similar feelings can be expressed by different people.

Emo Control can be a useful tool for parents, teachers, therapists. clinicians, care workers and social workers.

Who can benefit:

Older kids and adults with autism.

People who can read but are hard of hearing or non-verbal.

People with communication, behavioural and emotional challenges.

emotion x now brings you over 70 emotion expressions in high resolution detail, allowing you to zoom and explore the components of a smile, scowl or grimace. Use emotion x to build on your face reading skills, and to help match facial expressions and feelings. emotion x is for parents, teachers and therapists too. Touch anywhere to zoom, or to reveal the emotion expression thumbnails, which may be reordered as you wish. Ideal for devices with Retina display.

Eye contact is important to communication and social development, yet the impaired ability to make and maintain eye contact is one of the most striking aspects of autism.

iGaze is an eye contact simulator that can help to build confidence in using this important means of nonverbal social communication. The app also contains information on eye contact and eye gaze, with links to relevant research.

"This is a fantastic app! My 3-1/2 year old daughter is developmentally delayed & non verbal. One of our main focus's is to have her make eye contact with anyone she comes in contact with. She has progressed greatly in this area, but we still work on it with her. Thank you for helping the Special Needs Community… P.S. emotion x is another fabulous app! We currently are teaching our daughter to express her emotions and what each one means. Again, thank you!" -comment via Facebook, 8 June 2011.